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Welcome to Dining Services

We've got you covered! Our menu has been growing to include more options for our students with dietary restrictions. Find gluten free options in your dining halls today!

Welcome to the Dining Services

Dining Services at Taft is dedicated to meeting the dietary needs of the Taft community. Great Food, Great Service, every day, everywhere!

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Need gluten free?
Please look for the following Gluten Free items in our menu rotation: Everyday: Gluten Free - Pizza option during lunch at the Rhino Fiorno station, Gluten Free Dinner Rolls will be available each night at dinner. Monday: Look for Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins during breakfast. Tuesday: Gluten Free Cupcakes during lunch and dinner. Friday: Gluten Free Pasta during lunch and dinner. We thank you for your patience while we researched and sourced the highest quality products available and we will continue to look for and provide additional products throughout the year. We ask the community that does not require gluten free options to afford the opportunity to those who have a dietary need for them and take care not to cross contaminate or consume those options.